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Program setting: 2 (Whole Wheat)
1cups of water (80-90degree F) 29C
3/4 cup of milk (80-90degree F) 29C
3 T spoon of butter in pieces
3 T spoon of honey
2 t spoon of salt
4 cups of Bread flower
3/4 cups of whole wheat flower
(changed to 3/4 cups of whole grain barley flower)
1/4 cup of Hazelnut flour
(changed to 1/4 cups of whole grain barley flower)
2 t spoon bread machine yeast

1/2 cup sunflower seeds
3 T spoons of golden flax seeds
2 T spoons of white sesame seeds
2 T spoons of Black sesame seeds
(changed to 4t spoons of white sesame seeds)

1 T spoon of poppy seeds

Kneaded in machine than taken out at 50 min before end of 3.48min program 2
and baked in oven at 375F for 45min
in Teflon lined drops of oil covered with thin layer of flower

came out with NO problem